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Adrian Peterson: 'I got to do more' after O-line injuries - NFL

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14/03/2019 07:29 Message non lu
.comInjuries have ravished the Washington Redskins' offensive
line White
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, but Adrian Peterson isn't allowing the team's
latest plague of ailments sour his motivation to "do more" in Sunday's
game.Jamison Crowder nearing return for Washington Redskins, questionable vs.
Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Washington TimesRedskins wide receiver Jamison Crowder is
listed as questionable for Sunday's game against the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers.Charley Casserly gives his Redskins matchup to watch against the
Buccaneers | NBC Sports WashingtonThe Redskins will be going up against another
high octane offense this week in the Bucs, so Charley keys in on the importance
of the Redskins WR corpsSgt. Steven Johnson Gets VIP Treatment As Helmet For
Helmet Promotion WinnerThe Washington Redskins and PepsiCo partnered together to
give an active military member an unforgettable experience, which included an
on-field recognition at last Sunday's game and a tour of the team
facility.Cooley At The Park - Episode 18On episode 18 of Cooley At The Park
Chris Cooley previews the Tampa Bay game with Redskins.com's Perry MatternJay
Gruden On New Offensive Linemen: "I'm Optimistic That They Picked It Up
Mentally"Head Coach Jay Gruden speaks to media following practice on Friday at
the Inova Sports Performance Center.How Quinton Dunbar got that interception of
Matt Ryan, according to an expert | NBC Sports WashingtonCombined with the
proper defensive scheme and Quinton Dunbar's ability to read the quarterback,
Dunbar was able to get a big pick against one the NFL'PHOTOS: Buccaneers
Practice Week (11/9/18)Check out these photos of the Redskins' preparing for
their Week 10 game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Friday, Nov. 9, 2018, at the
Inova Sports Performance Center at Redskins Park.Morgan Moses, Quinton Dunbar
and Jamison Crowder all questionable for Bucs game - The Washington PostQuinton
Dunbar sat out two games before returning against the Atlanta Falcons, but
re-aggravated a nerve issue. Jamison Crowder has missed the last four
games.Redskins Sign Cassanova McKinzy To Active Roster, Waive Casey DunnThe
Washington Redskins announced Friday that they have made multiple roster moves,
signing linebacker Cassanova McKinzy to the active roster and waiving offensive
lineman Casey Dunn.Important statistics before the Redskins take on the Tampa
Bay Buccaneers in Week 10 | NBC Sports WashingtonWith the Redskins traveling to
the Gulf Coast to take on the Bucanneers, there are some stats that really jump
out, starting with Ryan Fitzpatrick's career record against Washington. The 5
o’clock club is published Wednesday to Saturday during the season, and aims to
provide a forum for reader-driven discussion at a time of day when there isn’t
much NFL news being published. Feel free to introduce topics that interest you
in the comments below.Since this is the last Saturday in the regular season,
this will also be the final 5 o’clock club post of 2018.This does not mean I
expect to die or disappear, simply that the 5 o’clock club will go into
hibernation, probably to reappear sometime in early September of 2019.A quick
peek backwardsBefore we move forward to look at the challenge the Redskins will
be facing when they host the Eagles on Sunday, let’s take a final quick look
back at last week’s gritty loss to the Titans in Nashville.The Redskins led for
much of the game, and played competitive football for roughly 58 minutes last
week, until a late interception thrown by Josh Johnson ended the Redskins drive
that could have tied the game or given Washington the
lead http://www.authenticswashingtonredskins.com/cheap-morgan-moses-jersey ,
and perhaps the win.With that interception, all hope of a playoff berth came to
a crashing end.Last weekend, ahead of the Tennessee game, 5 o’clock club readers
were invited to vote on over-under predictions for the game. Let’s see how we
did.Predictions & actual results for last week’s Tennessee Titans gameThe
Redskins generate 259 yards of total offense against the Titansprediction: over
(53%)actual: The Redskins actually had reasonable offensive production against
the Titans, putting up 292 total yards of offense (the Titans put up 291).The
breakdown was:Passing: 131Rushing: 161Given that the Redskins were starting two
guards that no one in Washington had heard of a fortnight earlier, the rushing
success was fairly impressive, and due to a combination of the line getting good
push against the Titans and Adrian Peterson running like a Hall of Fame
back.Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty ImagesThe Redskins score 15.5 points against the
Titansprediction: over (66%)actual: The Redskins barely squeaked this one out to
make the fans right, scoring 16 points.The penultimate Redskins drive (the one
that ended in the interception) could have made a huge difference in this game
had it been successful.With the Redskins in 4-down mode, on 3rd & 3, had the
team opted for a running play with Adrian Peterson, with one more down left for
desperation, if needed, the drive could have potentially taken the Redskins to
19 or 23 points.The final desperate 20 seconds, which — like a few other games
in the Jay Gruden era — ended with a turnover and a defensive TD for the
opposition, wouldn’t have happened, and the Titans would have lost 23-19, scored
on a miraculous TD drive to win 26-23, or the game would have gone to
overtime.In any event, the first interception ended the Redskins scoring, and
the second changed the outcome for a huge number of gamblers and their
bookies.The Redskins will be +0.5 on turnover differential against the
Titansprediction: over (74%)actual: The entire game was turnover-free until the
Redskins final two drives ended with interceptions.This game was always going to
be won by the team that won the turnover battle.Season-long history was on the
side of the Redskins going into the game, but it was easy to see that the
defense was tacking the player (usually Henry) instead of attacking the ball in
this game.It improved tackling, but reduced the opportunity for forced
fumbles.The Redskins defense should have had one interception that likely would
have changed the
game White
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, but the ball went right through the hands of HaHa
Clinton-Dix.That non-turnover was huge in this low-scoring game, as the Titans
ended up kicking a field goal at the end of the drive.Jim Brown-USA TODAY
SportsWho will throw more interceptions on Saturday?prediction: Marcus Mariota
(41%)actual: Mariota ended up getting injured on a sack and leaving the
game.Blaine Gabbert came in as his relief.The Redskins did not manage to
sufficiently rattle the backup, and the Titans finished the game without
committing a turnover of any kind.Josh Johnson, for the Redskins, played a
pretty good game until the 1:22 mark of the 4th quarter when he threw an
interception.Getting the ball back with :20 left on the clock, he threw two
passes, to end the game — the final one a pick-6.Photo by Frederick
Breedon/Getty ImagesPrior to those final 3 plays, JJ was 13-20, 153 yards, 1 TD
— very much the kind of numbers the Redskins were getting from Alex Smith during
the first half of the season.Had Johnson managed to finish the final 1:22 with a
score, instead of an interception, the Redskins might be playing for a playoff
berth in Week 17.Which defense will generate more sacks this
Saturday?prediction: Redskins (68%)actual: The Fans got this one right — the
Redskins got 3 sacks on the day, versus just 2 for the Titans.Kerrigan, Foster
and Allen got one sack each.Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty ImagesDerrick Henry
rushes for 114 yards against the Redskinsprediction: under (58%)actual: The
RedskinDerrick Henry ran well on the first drive and the last drive of the day
for Tennessee.In between, he was mostly bottled up by the Redskins, who held him
to 84 yards and a TD.That’s a good day, to be sure, but it was nowhere close to
the 204 yards per game he had averaged in the previous 2 weeks.Photo by
Frederick Breedon/Getty ImagesThe Titans leading receiver will have 62.5 yards
against the Redskins on Saturdayprediction: over (67%)actual: The Fans got this
one right, but it was very close.Taywan Taylor snagged 3 passes for 64 yards.The
Tennessee offense never really broke loose on the day, though it proved
sufficient to get the win.Christopher Hanewinckel-USA TODAY SportsDustin Hopkins
scores 8.5 total points on Saturday against the Titansprediction: over
(61%)actual: Hopkins went 3/3 on field goals and added an extra point, scoring
10 points on the day.Hopkins is hitting on nearly 90% of his field goal tries,
and is perfect under 40 yards this season.After hitting on just 81% and 82.4% in
‘16 &
‘17 http://www.authenticswashingtonredskins.com/cheap-deshazor-everett-jersey ,
this is a promising return-to-form for the kicker, who has also missed one XPA
in three of his four seasons with the Redskins.All in all, Hopkins is having a
good season, and seems to be a solid kicker for the Redskins.Adrian Peterson
will carry the ball 16 times against the Titansprediction: over (85%)actual: The
Redskins gave the ball to Adrian Peterson 26 times in the game, and he rewarded
the team with 119 yards.AD carried the team on his back, not for the first time
this season.Photo by Frederick Breedon/Getty ImagesI think it’s worth reprinting
some of the information that James Dorsett wrote earlier this week:Photo by
Wesley Hitt/Getty ImagesShifting the focus to the Philadelphia EaglesSunday’s
game was shifted to the late time slot because it has playoff implications — not
for the Redskins, but for the Eagles.If the Eagles win and the Vikings lose to
the Bears, Philly goes to the playoffs. If the Redskins win the game, the Eagles
are out, no matter what happens to the Vikings.This means that Redskins fans
have a reason to cheer for their team to win.The result would be an 8-8 record
for both the ‘Skins and the Eagles, and a regular season split with every team
in the NFC East.The Redskins can’t keep the Cowboys out of the playoffs, but
they can end the Eagles’ dreams of back-to-back superbowls right here, in Week
17.Photo by Elsa/Getty ImagesIt’s likely that the game, although played at FedEx
Field, will take place in front of more Eagles fans in green than Redskins fans
in burgundy & gold.The reasons go far beyond the fact that the Redskins are
out of the playoff race.In fact, Redskin home games have been lightly attended
all season long — at least by Redskins fans.This week saw a move by Dan Snyder
that would have passed unnoticed by most fan bases.On the day after Christmas,
Dan fired Brian Lafemina, who had been on the job for about 8 months, and who
was charged with improving fan relations, improving the game day experience, and
increasing ticket sales to Redskins fans.The incident has been widely reported,
so I won’t review it
here Youth
Jonathan Allen Jersey
, but I do want to make a comment on why I think it
is significant that three marketing guys got sacked this week.I felt — and I
don’t think that I was the only one — that a certain critical mass had been
achieved in 2018.Following the ugly firing of Scot McCloughan, there had been a
series of moves, including the reorganization of the front office, which seemed
to reward the right people, and the hiring of Lafemina and his team, that
signaled a move in a positive direction.The blunders of 2018 mostly seemed to
fall at the feet of Bruce Allen, and I thought, for the first time, that there
was a very real probability that Allen would be fired come ‘Black Monday’.The
termination of Lafemina and his team appears to snuff out that hope.It occurs to
me that, if Bruce Allen isn’t fired after the shitshow that has marked his
tenure to date, then he will never be fired.Bruce Allen has won out yet
again.Photo by Win McNamee/Getty ImagesThat’s the tragedy of seeing the three
marketing guys sacked (and one other resign).It’s what it signals — the eternal
bungling rule of the sycophant.I’ll be cheering on the Redskins players on
Sunday, but with a deep level of misgiving about what won’t happen on Monday,
when it won’t be announced that Bruce Allen has been thanked for all he has done
for the franchise and relieved of his duties.That’s why the players, who deserve
better, will end up playing the finale at home in front of a lot of Eagles fans
instead of cheering, loyal Redskins fans.Because of Dan & Bruce.I hope for a
good performance by each of the Redskins players, but despair at the newest low
point in the Redskins ownership and executive
offices. www.nflshopoutlet.com/baltimore-ravens
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