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Giants at Lions

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New York
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, preseason Week 2: 5 questions and answers about
the Detroit Lions The New York Giants, after three days of practicing against
them, face the Detroit Lions on Friday in a preseason game (7 p.m. ET/NFL
Network, WNBC). Jeremy Reisman of SB Nation’s Pride of Detroit provided us with
practice reports [Day 1 | Day 2] this week. So, we turn to Jeremy for our weekly
“5 questions” segment.Ed: First, thank you so much for the practice reports this
week. They were a huge help. After watching the Giants for a few days what is
your overall, perhaps “high-level” impression of this Giants team?Jeremy: While
it’s hard to glean anything from two sets of practices with no live tackling and
a walk-through, I came away thinking more of this Giants team than I did after
their Week 2 matchup last season. The defensive line looks fierce and is the
clear strength of this roster. I feel like that should carry what should be a
pretty average offense with the potential of being slightly above average.My
reasoning for thinking the Giants will just be average on offense is because
outside of Odell Beckham Jr. (who, admittedly, looks as good as ever), I didn’t
see any standout skill players.
Obviously New York
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, Saquon Barkley didn’t give it a go during practice and he
can be a game-changer, but we’ll see. Also, any time Ereck Flowers is in your
starting lineup, there should be significant anxiety for your quarterback’s
health. Ed: Personally, I’m really interested in Tyrell Crosby. He is a player I
had targeted as a tackle prospect I thought would help the Giants. The Lions
drafted him. How has he done thus far?Jeremy: Crosby is already considered the
Lions’ third best offensive tackle on the team, which is both a testament to his
talent and the Lions’ lack of depth at the position. He’s been pretty impressive
in training camp, but he had a rocky preseason debut. Part of the reason for
that disconnect is likely the talent he’s going up against. The Raiders
defensive line depth is much better than the Lions’. Still, Detroit feels they
got a steal in Crosby, nabbing him in the fifth round, and although he isn’t
expected to start this year, many believe he is a long-term contender for
Detroit’s starting right tackle position. Evan EngramVincent Carchietta-USA
TODAY SportsEd: If you could take one offensive and one defensive player off the
Giants roster and put him in Detroit’s
lineup New York
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, who would they be? Why?Jeremy: On offense, I would
probably take Evan Engram. The Lions’ tight end corps is looking for some
answers after giving up on Eric Ebron last year, and the trio of Michael
Roberts, Luke Willson and Levine Toilolo hasn’t given much reason for optimism.
I like Engram’s athleticism and I think the young tight end could build on an
impressive rookie year this season. Defensively, please give me Damon Harrison.
Seriously, I’ll do anything. Okay, not that. Get your mind out of the gutter,
Ed. Snacks is the kind of player you have to game plan around, and the Lions
defensive line just doesn’t have a guy like that, unless Ezekiel Ansah suddenly
proves he can stay healthy for more than a week at a time. Detroit has already
showed some issues defending the run this preseason, and Harrison would put a
quick end to that problem. Ed: Give us some under-the-radar players Giants fans
might not know much
about Womens
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, but are likely to notice on Friday
night?Jeremy: Wide receiver Teo Redding has been your prototypical camp darling
through the first couple weeks. He underwhelmed in the preseason opener, but
6-foot-1 receiver has the athleticism to go up and snag the ball away from
shorter cornerbacks. Additionally, tight end Hakeem Valles had an excellent
string of practices against the Giants this week and could make a huge impact
during the second half of Friday’s game. Raj Mehta-USA TODAY SportsEd: There are
many fans who wanted Matt Patricia to be the Giants head coach. What are your
impressions of Patricia thus far?Jeremy: When the sexual assault allegations
from 20 years ago were unearthed, it understandably fractured the fanbase.
Off-field stuff aside, I like the idea of Matt Patricia. In a lot of ways, he’s
the opposite of Jim Caldwell. Instead of the conservative old-school thinker,
Patricia is a guy who is always adapting, always adjusting his schemes and is
just a really smart dude. Though his press conferences are always extremely
short on useful news, they’re typically entertaining to listen to, because you
can tell just how much this guy knows about the game. I’m not that concerned
about the poor track record of New England Patriots assistants-turned-head
coaches, seeing as he already has a built-in rapport with general manager Bob
Quinn (they worked aside each other for over a decade in New England). That
being said www.giantscheapshops.com ,
Patricia has quite the task ahead of him, and I’m reserving full judgment until
I see some actual results. Another Giants wide receiver is weighing in on
quarterback Eli Manning, but one imagines that co-owner John Mara won’t be
expressing a desire to hear less from Sterling Shepard in the future.That was
Mara’s request of Odell Beckham after Beckham said he didn’t know if Manning was
part of the problem with the offense in an ESPN interview. Mara made that
request on Tuesday when he also defended Manning’s play during the 1-5 start to
the season.Mara said the Giants still believe in Manning, who he called a
“punching bag” for critics while other players have been under less scrutiny.
Shepard also addressed Manning’s status in the organization on Tuesday and stuck
to a line that’s surely more to Mara’s liking.“I have total faith in Eli,”
Shepard said, via NJ.com. “I haven’t heard that once in this locker room. I
haven’t [heard] that from an individual player. That’s just outside noise and
stuff trying to break us apart. We’re doing a good job of keeping everything
together in here. As far as in the locker room, we have total faith in him, we
picked him as our starting quarterback at the beginning of the season and we’re
going to ride with that.”A report by Jordan Raanan of ESPN.com suggested that
some players are expressing reservations about the veteran quarterback, but
there’s little reason to think the Giants would give any thought to benching
Manning at this point in the year. There are still 10 games to go, no reason to
give journeyman Alex Tanney a run as the starter and no indication that
fourth-round pick Kyle Lauletta would lead the team to markedly better
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