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Main Virtues of Hot Air Stenter Setting Machine

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26/02/2019 07:26 Message non lu
Licheng is located in Shengzhou, the hometown of Southeastern Yueju Opera in China and the hometown of “Saint of calligraphy”
specializing in all kinds of printing and dyeing machinery. We are committed to
improving energy-efficient and environmentally-friendly products, and
continuously introduce professional, technical personnel and advanced processing
equipment including laser cutting, CNC punching, shearing, cutting, etc. [color=rgb(0,0,0)]Licheng [/color][color=rgb(0,0,0)]Hot Air Stenter[/color] Setting Machine has high market demand, high efficiency and energy saving.
The main features of our machines are as follows:
1. In accordance with different fabrics, a total of multiple sets of air nozzles are designed, which are suitable for various manufacturers to ensure
uniform floating effect and fabric setting effect.
2. The man-machine interface is used to operate the display screen, which is beautiful and elegant, equipped with a mobile console that integrates mechanical
operation, speed and fault display.
3. Digital monitoring system
We optimize the process parameters, control the temperature of the drying room, and use the filtrating screen, which is easy to maintain and is beneficial
to the hot air circulation efficiency.
4. The high-efficiency and energy-saving double air duct hot air circulation system is adopted in the drying room. The upper and lower air flow can be set to
any required ratio. The air flow is controlled by frequency conversion. The
internal structure of the static pressure box adopts the design of independent
intellectual property structure.
5. High-efficiency turbo fan can quickly cool the fabric after heating and setting, and stabilize the fabric in the best condition with the best cooling
With the implementation of environmental protection policies, customers have higher requirements for equipment performance. Licheng R&D team pays more
attention to perfect product details. According to the national standard for
energy conservation and environmental protection, we invested heavily in talent
introduction. Recently, we introduced a number of high-end professionals in
qualitative machines, including two senior engineers from foreign top-setting
machines, responsible for electric and machine respectively. Currently, our
production capacity of Hot Air Stenter Setting Machine is high efficient and
energy-saving with 180 sets of machines.
Click [color=rgb(0,0,0)]https://www.hotairstenter.com/product/451.html[/color] for further more information.
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